For many people, there are too many ads on the Internet. While most people ignore the ads, the number of ads that appear on users’ screens increases significantly under several methods. They can flash, blink, auto-play, and even block the whole page until you turn them off.

Sometimes those ads are annoying and affect our experience visiting those websites. That’s when Ad Blocker applications come into place. Ad blocker is a tool that can remove almost all advertisements when you browse the Internet. Currently, there are several applications such as Adblock, Stands Fair Adblocks.

So, should you get the ad blocker applications? We will list below the boons and banes for you to decide whether you like to keep the ads popping up or not.

The pros

Speed up loading speed
Almost all the ads contain images or videos, and it would significantly slow down the loading speed for the main content of the website. Remove the ads means your Internet will focus on loading just the actual content that you want to visit.

Makes your browsing safer
Many attackers will buy the advertising real estate on the website to place malicious ads that can harm your computer and your data when you click on it. Ad blocker applications will remove the ads and reduce the chance of those attacks

Improve your experience when visiting the web
The obvious advantage of using the ad blocker is, of course, no ads. By removing all the distractions from ads, you can focus on the actual content that the website wants to bring to you.

The cons

Some important content might be accidentally removed
While most of the annoying ads will be blocks, some main features and content might be accidentally removed as well. For example, when you go shopping online, the recommendation product features or messaging apps might be disappeared.

Ad blockers application developers understand this problem and give users the option to put certain websites/pages to the “whitelist”, where they are not being scanned by ad blocker applications.

Selling data to third parties
In order to run the ad blockers, you will need to install an extension to your web browser. By doing so, some ad blocker applications will be able to track your activities online, and sell that information to other parties.

Having ad blocks can improve your browsing experience, but it is also not perfect. We recommend you do your own research on the application you are planning to use.