In today’s world, especially during the pandemic, the number of professionals working from home increases significantly. Employees are often communicating remotely through video conferencing, sharing files through cloud storage, and cloud collaboration. Thus, any internet issues or disruptions in the network would make working from home less efficient and the work performance will be affected.

With HD WAN, home workers can have peace of mind with their networks and can fully focus on their work.

Backing up Internet with Secondary Internet connection or LTE Internet

Residential broadband can be fluctuating at times, and home workers often have to spend their mobile data to resort the download/upload documents, video conferences, or finish the tasks online. This interruption makes working from home unreliable and ineffective.

HD WAN combines the existing Internet connection with either a secondary Internet connection or a mobile connection such as 5G or LTE as a standby. When there is a sudden drop on the primary connection, HD WAN will seamlessly activate the secondary connection, which ensure the continuity of Internet connection for users. Once the primary connection goes back, HD WAN will seamlessly switch to the primary and putting the secondary into standby mode again.

Prioritizing traffic

In a household, while the mom and dad are videos conferencing on Zoom, Teams or sending files on Internet, their kids might be watching youtube or binging Netflix at the same time. While most households have adequate bandwidth, apps compete unfairly and try to prioritize their functions over other applications in the same network.

HD WAN can prioritize the traffic, from all devices, in order of importance. Application such as Teams, Zoom, or VoIP can be prioritized while limiting other apps to congest the network traffic. With the top spots in the priority list, videoconferencing and VoIP calling will be even clearer.

Bonding Internet connections

In rural areas, accessing sufficient broadband can be an issue. While the Internet speed can go all the way to 1Gbps in urban areas, remote houses might have access to only 6Mbps connection, which would be difficult to work from home with that speed.

HD WAN can combine multiple Internet connections of any times to increase the bandwidth. Combining 3 6Mbps-connection together would create a 18Mbps-connection for home, which can definitely accomodate your work from home situation.

While Covid-19 has been easing up, most employees are still required to work from home by the companies. Internet service degradation and unreliable would affect their performance and connection with other team members. HD WAN can free up their mind from thinking about any Internet issues.