In today’s world, Internet is essential for a restaurant to operate effectively. Without Internet or with an unstable Internet connection, not only restaurants might lose potential customers, but restaurant owners would not be able to use devices that can attract more customers. HD WAN can help with all those problems.

HD WAN enables the seamless use of Backup Internet Connections to create high-availability networks for businesses that cannot tolerate downtime. On top of the existing Internet line, HD WAN will add a second Internet Connection, bond them together, and seamlessly switch to the second connection whenever the primary connection fails or stutters.

Remove all Data Sim Card for delivery-party devices (UberEats, Doordash,…)

When signing up with UberEats or Doordash, restaurants are normally provided by each company a device to receive orders from customers. The majority of restaurants owner would get a Data Sim Card for each device, so in case of an internet outage, they would still be able to receive orders to those devices. Each sim card costs on average $35/mo, and each month restaurant owners might have to be more than $70/mo for sim cards, depending on how many delivery devices they have.

With HD WAN, the connectivity can be committed up to 99.999% availability. By connecting at least 2 internet lines, HD WAN can ensure that continuity in the connection and seamless transaction if one internet line is down. Once using HD WAN, using sim cards for the delivery devices is no longer necessary, which can save restaurants at least $70/mo.


Many restaurants are currently using phones that are running on Internet (VoIP). That means once the Internet connection is down, so is the phone. For many restaurants, especially during the pandemic, customers contact directly through phone to restaurants to order their pizza. A small chain of pizza restaurants once had a problem with their internet on Friday night, and their phones are therefore not working. They reported that in few hours of Friday night they could have received orders that are worth almost $5,000.

With HD WAN, we can ensure that your Internet and your VoIP Phones would be working all the time, and your restaurants would not miss any orders


All PoS systems would require an Internet connection to proceed with the transaction for customers. In this digital world, many people are no longer carrying cash with them, they simply bring their cards or even only their phones, and they can proceed with payment using the PoS system. It would be troublesome for restaurants and inconvenient for customers if they come and realize they would be able to pay by cash only, which turned down some customers as they decide to come to other restaurants that can accept Debit/Credit.

HD WAN can help you with the secured and unbreakable connectivity, which keeps your Internet up and running all the time, and make the PoS System available for the customers.