If you have a business that requires a stable network with unbreakable connection, or if you are living in the remote area with limited options for high-speed Internet, HD WAN can solve the problem for you.

In the technology era, losing Internet for a short period of time can heavily impact the revenue and the performance of your business. To make this problem to be in the past tense, HD Telecom is an honour to introduce a new service for businesses that can bring 99.999% uptime: HD WAN

99.999 Availability

By strategically combining multiple Internet connections from different networks or carriers, HD WAN delivers more uptime than just a single connection. The system recognizes network outages and re-routes traffic instantly to back-up or standby connections, avoiding network disruptions to keep business going.

The secondary can either be DSL, Cable, Fiber, or even LTE connection. With LTE connection HD WAN add cellular connectivity in standby mode with a primary wireline Internet connection. HD WAN automatically recognizes when there is a disruption to your wireline connection and seamlessly keeps your business applications connected with your cellular connection.

The regular Internet with one single connection has 438 minutes of downtime per month on average. HD WAN with at least 2 connections is recorded as having less than 0.5 minutes per month of Internet downtime. For businesses that require a constant Internet connection for PoS System, video conference, cloud storage…, HD WAN can give you peace of mind on this matter.

Bonding Internet Connection

If you are living in a remote area, limited options internet speed might be your concern. The speed in some areas can only go to 6Mbps for download and 0.5Mbps for upload. If you are a family of 5, this speed would definitely not be enough to accommodate your needs for internet.

At HD Telecom, we know bandwidth isn’t as easy to come by for everyone. HD WAN allows you to take multiple Internet connections and get the bandwidth of all of them combined. Your business and home require more and more bandwidth as more and more applications and services move to the Cloud. No matter how remote you are, HD WAN can give you the bandwidth you need for your daily work

24/7 dedicated network

When the primary connection is down, the second connection jumps in immediately, which create a seamless transaction that you would not recognize that there is an outage. With HD Console, our technical team will notify you when there is a problem with your connection, and we are ready to answer your call 24/7 whenever you need us.