In the work-and-study-from-home era, you might experience slower-than-normal speed from your Wifi. You might think it is due to the speed you subscribed to with the provider, but in fact, most likely is due to the wifi within your house. Here are few ways you can do to improve your internet speed.

Move your router

The internet is stable when you stand beside the modem/router, and becomes laggy when you go to your room on the other side of the house. Your modem/router does not cover the whole house with strong wifi. The fix here is as simple as moving the router. Try placing the router in the centre of your home, putting it high on a bookshelf, or mounting it on the wall. The signal will be optimized

Tweak your wifi setting

If you are living in an apartment, your router might be generating wifi through the same channel as your neighbors, which can interfere with the signal transferred. Go to your router setting and switch to a different channel (channel 1,6, or 11 recommended. Why those channels?)

Use the Mesh Wifi System

If your house is bigger than 2000 sqft with dense structure or has 2+ floors, a traditional router might not be able to fully paint your house with Wifi. Mesh Wifi is the way to go. With 1 main router and other satellite nodes placing around the house, Mesh Wifi is a dead-zone killer.