3 Tips to Troubleshoot your Internet

by | May 11, 2021

If you’re experiencing lags or lost connection, before calling a technician, try these tips to get you back online.

It’s Friday night, and you are Netflix-and-chill with your girlfriend, then the movie suddenly buffer. Or you and your friends are watching SuperBowl on IPTV, but you lose the connection when there is a dangerous attack. What should you do? Calling technician right away? Wrong!

Before spending time calling a technician, with these simple tricks, and you might get your Internet back in no time

Tips 1: Check your Wifi connection

You lost connection on your TV, but you are still able to use the Internet with your phone. The problem then is not the Internet, but the device you are using. Reboot your device might do the trick.

Tips 2: Check if your cables are tightly secured

This issue is pretty common for households with pets (cats, especially cats). While jumping around, they might get the feet or tails tangled up with the wires, and accidentally disconnect the wires to the modem/router. Check all the cables if they are connected properly, or check if the power/wifi button is turned on.

Tips 3: Powercycle the Modem/Router

If you have done previous tips, and the issue is not yet resolved, here’s come the most powerful solution that you can do by yourself:

Powercycle the Modem/Router

That’s right, simply unplug the power cord from your modem/router (you can unplug also all other cord connected to your modem/router), leave it for 5 minutes, then plug it back in again. Wait for it to reboot, and the problem might be resolved.

Of course, if the problem still persists, calling your technician is a  way to go. However, it is worth trying the above tips to get you back online asap.