VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Instead of using a landline to make a call like a traditional Phone, people use VoIP to make a phone call through the Internet. During the pandemic, reducing operation and cutting expenses are necessary for some businesses for the longevity and flexibility of the company. Many businesses decided to move away from a traditional phone, and register VoIP. Here are 3 reasons your business should switch to VoIP.


By connecting your phone to the Internet, VoIP can avoid the costly phone infrastructure and industry regulations of the traditional phone. VoIP operating costs are also lower than traditional phone companies. The price that companies charge their customers is therefore lower. In some cases, the price for VoIP might be only half of the traditional phone. Thus, it would financially help small-medium businesses.


No matter where you are, when there is the Internet, you can take calls with your VoIP. You can use a cell phone, laptop, tablet, or even your traditional phone to make and receive a call, using the same phone number. Another benefit of VoIP is its virtual numbers, You can choose an area code to call without paying for long-distance charges. Thus, VoIP makes working mobile from local or abroad easier and less costly.

Many Features

Whatever features there are in the traditional phone, VoIP has it all. Voicemail, call forwarding, conferencing, video calling, you name it. Each business has its own needs for the features, and you can choose what features you want to add for little to no cost. Providing more for less is one of the ways VoIP reduces costs.

VoIP’s benefits far outweigh the potential drawbacks. Before registering VoIP, consult with your Internet service provider to make sure that your Internet has adequate bandwidth to support the service.