Sports & Entertainment
(Stadiums, Arenas, Festivals)

When the games on, your fans demand a network built to ensure their memories and experiences are shared instantly. Thankfully, Everest Networks has been designed to specifically address today’s most pressing High-Density issues such as high user engagement, high network capacity, and fast throughput, keeping your fans happy. Not only that, but Everest Networks also delivers a lower total cost of ownership (TCO), keeping your management happy. This makes Everest Networks Wi-Fi the platform of choice for venues such as stadiums and arenas.


Whether you’re teaching a class in a crowded lecture theater or working through the night to finish your assignment, in today’s educational world, connectivity is essential. Thankfully, Everest Networks meets your every need by provisioning super-fast throughput to the multitude of connected devices that students and lecturers carry with them every day. By utilizing Everest Networks’s High-Density access points (HDAP), you get the performance needed to meet your demanding needs at a lower total cost of ownership as significantly less equipment is required.


Transport hubs like airports and rail stations are busy places where lots of people gather looking for quick connections, not only to their next destination, but to the wireless network so that they can keep up to speed with everything that’s happening in their travel, or in their life. Everest Networks provides the connectivity needed for working, traveling, browsing, skype calling loved ones, or simply streaming everything you need to make your journey more comfortable by providing robust communications and real-time high-speed data.


We recognize the unique nature of providing a wireless network to facilities in the healthcare sector, particularly when it comes to compliance and privacy, or the need for high capacity solutions to ensure that all the devices are connected to the network all the time. With our high-performance multi-radio access points as a platform, you can improve the security and the quality of service for specific critical applications allowing your staff to provide the best patient care, whilst Everest Networks delivers the high-performance network.


In hotels, casinos and conferences, Wi-Fi is a basic utility. Guests expect high quality connectivity wherever they go in your resort, whether that’s to help them relax by the pool or for business people to keep connected to their customer in the busiest of exhibitions. Your WiFi just has to work. This is what Everest Networks was designed for. We make it easy for you to handle the enormous volume of smartphones, tablets, and computers thanks to our industry leading RF technologies. Not only that, but we can help you to utilize your network data to improve the facility management and guest experience through our industry leading analytics platform.


In the world of on-line shopping, our traditional bricks and mortar retail malls and stores have to provide all the mobile services needed to ensure a frictionless, happy, shopping experience. This may be through in-store app purchases, mobile POS payments, help finding a specific location, or simply browsing. Our retail experience today is fully intertwined with mobile where the smartphone is the epicenter of it all. By providing a great network, your customers stay connected, helping you to improve your service through deeper insights into your in-store customer behavior, ultimately helping you to maximize your profits.